Funny Whatsapp videos 2016 Indian cute boy baby girl

See whatsapp funny videos 2016 of amazingly cute baby children and boy or girl with newborn children also which will surprisingly make you laugh.

we have collected all these nice funny whatsapp videos of children after great research.

It was not so much easier and few of the videos we have created by our mobile camera.

We had captured some amazing moment of the innocent new born babies.

we have very strong faith that every person in the world like innocent behaviour of the children mainly when they are new born.

They don’t understand anything about what they are doing and what they are speaking also.

Funny Whatsapp videos 2016

Whatsapp funny videos 2016

Video 1

This above video is of the baby boy with name Krishav Gautam or Kush in the family.

He is only 6 months old when we have created the video.

There is remote control of television in hand and his father is also sitting near to him for taking control of his activities.

His mother is recording the video with the mobile phone camera also.

This is really great moment when he is playing with the remote and speaking something.

We are not able to understand what he was saying in this funny whatsapp video.

We can enjoy his innocent way of trying to talk with us and he is enjoying the moment also in the room.

Video 2 – In the above video cute baby girl is playing with some stuff and bucket also.

Her name is Lia Gautam and we call her kukku at our home.

Sometimes in this whatsapp funny video she is shacking the bucket made of plastic.

Sometimes she is putting the stuff into it and she is bringing out that stuff also from the bucket.

Not only limited to this she is trying to sit in that bucket also but because the bucket is smaller according to her size.

she can’t be fit in it and started again playing with it also.

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Video 3

In this above video very new born baby in the winter dress is trying to play with the chips rapper and shacking it.

This is making the whole moment really funny and interesting also.

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