Heart touching images of love and friendship

Good heart touching images of love and friendship making and failure both also to express your feelings with girlfriend, boyfriend or best friend. For making deep relation with your friends you can use some of the here shared pictures by re-sharing them on different social networks also.

Heart touching images of love / Friendship

Heart touching images of love

In the above picture a teddy is having the flower which shows the love symbol and the message mentioned within it has the meaning that our every feeling contains the name of you and our every thought and positive emotions is with you and for your wellness, goodness and great happy life also.

Heart touching friendship images

The above mentioned second pictures shows the message for the permanent relationship together as a life partner because both male and female are in wedding dress and by the holding their hand together they are showing the message that they are interested in the long life relation with each other by marriage and no doubt very commonly in India marriage relations are permanent and exists for whole the life or we can say till the end of life also.

love friendship images

It is very logical picture which has three words mentioned in it but has the biggest meaning in it these words are “I and You” and connecting the two sides also and in this way these two sides can be connected with single rope and it is suitable for love and friendship both type of relationship and giving message to second person this can be a great example or messenger also.


This above image has the very emotional message mentioned in it which means the romance is to decorate the life and the emptiness is for the getting pain of sad feelings in our heart and we expect if someone can understand our pain of emptiness than he or she can understand that our smiley face for show off only but actually we are sad by heart.

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